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About me and what I offer

created: Tue Nov 17 2020

For a smaller introduction to me and a look at contact details, please see the frontpage.

About me

My name is Mark, I'm 27 years old, I live in Copenhagen and works as a software developer.

I have experience with quite a few different programming paradigms and languages. My primary tools for development is Python and React.

I also have a few years experience with Blockchain technology. I've written my master thesis about Ethereum[link], I've worked over a year for Bitcoin Suisse and I've cofounded, and also volunteered in, Nordic Blockchain Association. I've also had some speaking about Bitcoin and blockchain technology, more details can be found here.

I've worked as a consultant, where I've implemented different software solutions, amongst these are some bank compliance software for Googles technology stack.

Experience and what i'm offering

I offer a variaty of services. Mostly I like to create things and working with new technologies, so if you have a project you might think I can help with, don't hesistate to contact me and we can have a non-committal conversation.

I have extensive experience in building backend and frontend software. One of my greatest enjoyment is to create beautifull frontends, that is user engaging and friendly to use.

I can setup and work with the most common database system and I have experience working with servers, mostly Linux based. If you want your system to run on AWS services it is also something I have some experience with.

I can talk about Blockchain technology for days, so if you have an interest in this or would like me to talk at a conference, or maybe your collegues, about blockchain, what it is and if this is something that's right for your company, I can help with that

Technical details

I have years of experience working full stack, juggling between a beautifull and easy to use frontend, and a powerfull backend.

Most of my backend experience is either in Python with Django or C# with the Entity Framework.

For Python some of the projects I've worked on includes:

I've also created the frontends for these projects in React.

Some of the C# projects I've worked on includes:


I have a great interest and expertise with Blockchain Technology. Ranging from a high theoretical understanding of the technical components, all the to the financial incentives and game theory.

Other than the projects I've worked on as a part of my employment at Bitcoin Suisse, I've also done some academic work in that capacity:


Bitcoin Suisse

After my employment at Bitcoin Suisse I received this letter of recommendation.



For Tricent I developed a Security Web Portal and the Google compliance software as mentioned above.

Google compliance software

This is the project as it looks now. I was hired by them in the beginning of 2019, so it has obviusly changed since.


As a part of my volunteer work in Nordic Blockchain Association I've talked to a few different people and companies.

Nordic Blockchain Association Conference

As a part of the Technical side of this conference, I spoke about blockchain and gave a short introduction to how Bitcoins blockchain protocol work.

This presentation have been used and updated since and I've used this to succesfully explain Bitcoins blockchain in both professional and 'casual' settings

Some of these places have been:


My cv can be viewed on the index page, this link will take you there.

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